February is Black History Month at MPUSD

February is #BlackHistoryMonth and at MPUSD we are honored to share this year's arts theme!

Our educational services department is supplying our school leaders with resources to support their knowledge of Black history and Afro-Latino culture from the Center for Racial Justice in Education.

We encourage our families to celebrate, honor, and empower Black experiences on the Monterey Peninsula and beyond.

The Center for Racial Justice in Education has curated this list of learning and teaching resources below.


How Do We Celebrate Black History Month? Teaching Black History Month in Schools:

What Can We Do In Our Classrooms? Lesson Plans and Curriculum Resources for Educators:

Do We Need Black History Month? The Underrepresentation and Miseducation of Black Stories, Experiences, and Histories in Schools:

What Are Ways To Bring Black Lives Matter Into The Classroom? (Curriculum Resources):

Why Teach Black Lives Matter in Schools? (Think Pieces):

Where Are Afro-Latinos Represented in School Curricula?

How Do We Center Black Women and Black Girls in Our Schools?

How Do We Center Black LGBTQ Experiences?

As a Parent, What Are Ways I Can Engage My Family in Black History Month?: